The Taboo Of Drinking

An article on CTV reminded me of a story my very dear friend told me long ago. She and her hubby were invited to an Italian household for a spaghetti dinner.  They arrived and were seated at a long table, as it was quite a large family. By each place setting they had a water glass of the great Italian wine that they made themselves; I said every place setting.  There were very young children at the table.  Her French husband took his glass and lit into it like it was lemonade. He downed his glass before the dinner even started. The wine was very potent. He got so drunk from one glass of wine he had to go and throw up in the bathroom.  She said when he got out of the bathroom he was very embarrassed. They were asked to please stay and eat and were talked into eating.  She said it was the best spaghetti she ever tasted. The children and everyone ate and sipped their wine and nobody got drunk.

We Canadians were raised with liquor being kind of taboo. We really don’t know how to enjoy a glass of wine.  We drink to get drunk. In our household growing up we did not have wine at the table every day. My Mom made the greatest wines you ever tasted. She made bubbly raspberry wine. All varieties of fruit were so plentiful. Mom and Dad made home brew; distilled whiskey. People say some of the brew tasted like raspberries.  I was never a drinker so I wouldn’t know. When my parents had company they would bring out something alcoholic and would serve to their guests. They would have a great dinner and nobody ever went home drunk.  Seems they all knew how dangerous driving was when you are drunk. This is my little tidbit of memories of long ago. Stay sober especially if you have to drive.


Daisy The Magnificent

Daisy The Magnificent

Daisy The Magnificent


I guess basically I am a lazy person. I don’t know why in my old age time goes so fast. Seems I just get up and it’s getting dark again. I guess my computer is very time consuming. I guess I am lucky that it is such a good friend to me. At my age it’s nice to have a really good friend.

Summer has flown the coop. I kind of was waiting for it to arrive and here it has come and gone.  Actually it was a great summer. The weather has been great. My flowers did very well on the balcony. They cheer me up. I adopted another best friend. Her name is Daisy. She is such a beautiful feline. She is a cross between a Grey Tabby and Siamese. She sure likes to talk. I thought she was going to live under my bed forever.  She was really scared of me for a long time. I think it is my wheel chair that terrified her.  Her tail got caught under the wheel the first couple of days and she sure eyed me sideways after that. I think she is finally used to the chair and keeps away from the wheels. She sure learned where the feedbag is and tries to mooch all the time.  She is a very big kitty. She weights just under 20 pounds. I could swear she is two feet long from her rear to her head.

Have a colourful and wonderful autumn my friends. God Bless you all.

God Bless Our United Nation

Slocan Valley

Slocan Valley

Today on Facebook I was reminded of the old Slocan Valley and how so many things have changed.

I grew up a lot of my life in the Valley. I guess it was O.K. There sure were a lot of us (doukabor kids). I said US. That is how the Valley was. They (English speaking) and us doukabors. It was very visible in school and everywhere. I guess I felt it very much living in the Valley. I felt different. Like we were not quite normal or something. I didn’t know about discrimination then. Now I think the English kids must have felt the same way. That we were discriminating against them. We just didn’t mix very well. I heard the phrase dirty douk. I felt maybe somehow we were inferior. We worked the fruit, picked strawberries, raspberries ,everything that grew in British Colombia . I guess if cotton grew in Canada I would have picked cotton. There were no high schools. No buses to drive us to school. With lack of education the jobs were not available. (the good jobs). Not in the Kootenay’s. The Okanagan hired fruit workers. That is the way it was.

When I was in my early 20s I married and went to Vancouver B.C. My husband was able to get a steady job at a paper plant I got a job at a dry cleaning plant pressing clothes, my fruit tramp jobs were a piece of cake compared to the steam press. However I worked at it for several years. Then the babies came almost one after another. Day care was very expensive. I chose to stay home and look after my family. We bought an old house that needed a lot of repairs and we learned to do the work ourselves.

One day to my delight I realized that the West coast was a great big melting pot a United Nation. There are no more they and us. Now it is all us. I am very happy to feel like part of the United Nation. Finally I feel that I belonged. When we went to the Slocan it felt good and I realized that it was all over, the they and us was gone, Valley included. Thank goodness for all the changes. Over the years I had very many English-speaking friends. God Bless our United Nation. May we never discriminate again.

My Scooting Experience

Yesterday I needed to go out on my scooter, something I needed to do. Carol and I just talked on the phone, she told me London Drugs had the first day of their flyer sale. Anyway, when I finished my chore I didn’t feel like going home so I thought I’d have a fun shopping trip. Well!!! I’m scooting around and a lookie loo at London Drugs, when suddenly I couldn’t steer my scooter. At the furthest wall from the door, a customer came and I asked him to check my front tire. I was told it was flat. So I started making my way to the door. 

It sure was a long ways away. It seemed like a hundred miles. (they should have B.C.A.A.for scooters) I pushed and pulled good thing my feet move some because I had to use them. Got to the front of the store and the nice lady clerk asked if she could help me. I asked her to get me a wheel chair taxi. So I wait and wait. A young woman customer came in and asked if I ordered a cab. She went and told him to come in. The cabbie came in and he and two employees and the nice young lady customer half pushed and half carried me to the cab.

Now what? If I go home I can’t get to my apartment. I’d have to sleep in the lounge. Anyway, he drove me past the mobility store close to home; luckily they were still open. They brought me a beautiful new scooter to get inside with. They brought mine in and their mechanic was still there so he was able to fixed the tire . It went through so much that it fell off the side of the rim by itself. They couldn’t just blow it up.

That was my first experience with a flat on the road. It sure isn’t any fun, though today it is kind of funny. After nine years on the scooter it is my legs and my freedom, I think it did pretty good. I know now that I wish I had an air can that patches tires and a gauge on board. That will be my next shopping trip at Canadian Tire. 

Now I wish to thank all the kind people that helped. There are so many people out there . Since I got incapacitated I sure have found out the kindness of people . A special thank you to Tom and Paul . I think they had to stay late because  of me .


School Board Of B.C. Please Read

Today I read a posting on facebook. First of all I am not a teacher. The posting reminded me of a show on C T V a few years ago when Eric Mallen was still with us. One of the shows was about the Ontario School board.It was on W5. I can’t believe that it is still the same  many many years later.

He showed all the perks the school board had. Their secretaries then made over 60,000. a year . The higher ups made much much more then that. Their jobs were really troughs that the pigs fed in. A lot of them played solitaire all day. They had a cafeteria where they got their meals for a fraction of the cost which was then subsidized by the taxpayers while the teachers and the children had to eat the garbage that was produced for them in their cafeterias. A lot of the food was just junk food. 

The moral of my story is . 46%of the school budget in Ontario went to the school board. (The piggies in the trough.) I have no doubt whatsoever  that if the teachers got that money they would know how to help the children in their schools. They would not sit and play solitaire. I think teaching the children is the noblest profession .It should be treated as such. We put our children in the teachers hands and then treat them like 2nd rate citizens . Since I was a little girl my teachers molded me well . I think they are amazing. 

December Is A Bad Month For Me

December  27th 1997 my dear sister Mabel passed away. My heart was breaking. I couldn’t go to the funeral .I had cancer surgery and was doing Chemotherapy. I didn’t want anybody to know as they all had enough on their plates without me. My surgery was in October and soon after that the Chemo started. I really was having a bad time. The Doctor said I could go if I wanted to. They could postpone the Chemo for a few days. By now my hair was falling out by the handful. The head nurse told me about my immune system. She said if I caught even the slightest cold I would get pneumonia and there is no cure with an immune system like mine. Sherry Lewis the beautiful ventriloquist died from pneumonia while doing Chemo. What a dilemma that was for me . I thought I would go nuts. In the end, I decided to stay home and tell my family what was happening. Anybody who has gone through Chemo knows how hard it is . After Chemo I went for radiation treatments. It dragged right into spring . I had 23 of those. They are almost as bad as Chemo maybe even worse. They were going to do 34; my poor body couldn’t take it . My blood was so run down and wouldn’t build up so the cancer clinic decided to stop at 23. My body was so weakened I could hardly walk up the stairs to my house. Spring was here and again I was so sick.  My dear family notified me that my brother in- law had passed away very suddenly. . He died on a very significant day. May the 6th,it was Mabels birthday as well as their wedding anniversary. Now it is the memorial day of my dear Brother in- law. Today it all came sweeping back again and I felt the terrible pain all over again. I loved them both so much. I will miss them forever. I dream of my dear sister often. I see her the way she was when she was well.  In my dreams she is always running and smiling. I just know she is in a good place, running and happy. God Bless you both Mabel and Pete. I know you are in his care.

Beautiful Vancouver ( Circa 1955 )

Today I saw a picture of the Neon sign that graced the Only Seafoods Cafe,It took me back to yesterday.In 1955 we came to Vancouver. I was in my early 20s. A farm girl that never saw a large city.Vancouver was amazing. The Neon signs were so bright .I went about in awe. Hastings ,Pender and Granville ,were just unbelievable . Broadway and Kingsway  were all lit up with beautiful Neon.It was the most exciting place in the world to me. I fell in love with the beautiful city. The downtown Granville and Hastings were so busy. There were people walking ,in the evening the Streets were full of people. The shops were busy. It felt safe.

Gradually the heart of my city died. The Neon signs were disappearing .I started asking people why? Someone told me that city hall passed a bylaw to ban the Neon. Apparently there was one alderman (woman) that thought we were too much like Las Vegas.She harped and harped in city hall till they passed the bylaw.The bylaw was passed in the late 1940s. The people quit going downtown.Our downtown died.We know what East Hastings has become. Granville was pretty quiet to. I think the Olympics pumped some life into Granville St. It’s very nice to see people on Granville enjoying themselves. It is a little scarey with people carrying weapons. Guns and knives. I wish they would not carry weapons.

Now I will tell you about the Only Seafoods. It was at the heart of East Hastings. The food was so good . Their red clam chowder was out of this world. The fish and Oysters were prepared so good.  The front windows were full of Ice with Salmon , Halibut.just looking at the fish made you hungry. The chefs and the waiters became our friends. It was a little cafe. a counter and s0me booths.The clam chowder was a whole meal for me. The bowl was so big.With it you got a plate of assorted breads and butter. Delicious. We ate many a meal there with friends. It was wonderful. I was lucky enough to get the recipe for the red clam chowder. I still make it occasionally. Still love it and it takes me back to the good old days .Apparently the cafe is closed now . I told my daughter ,if I was younger ,much younger I would love to reopen Only Seafoods the  way  it used to be. Liberace ate there and chatted with the locals. Apparently he was a very friendly ,nice guy.  I guess an old lady can dream.


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Daisy The Magnificent

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